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All about unnikrishnan

Unnikrishnan was the recipient of National Award for hisvery first song ' Ennavale " from Kaadhalan. He was rewarded this, for hislater song " Uyirum Neeye " from Pavithra . The Award was clubbed for bothof that. When asked how ?. he replies that it is fully " ARR 's Magic. TheMusic, Lyrics". At that time, my voice was a new one to the film Industry.That composition according to Unni was ARR's best.
Singer Jesudas. He used to listen to jesudas MalayalamSongs, when he grewup, and also try singing it in functions. He gotintroduced to Music, through his Influence, VOice . Later it was SPB, whowas his inspiration.
- Unni was in Office at that time. It was abusy month end. ARR called him up. Unni has been all along a ClassicalSinging, and had never experience in Film Singing at that time. he neverwanted to do playback singing. Prior to this , it was in Rajeev menon's Homethat Unni mentioned to ARR that he wanted to come to ARR Studio, for seeinga recording. ARR told him that he was welcome anytime.So, when he was called he was asked to sing " Indirayo Eval Chandirano" (Pallavi - just 4 lyrics ) . Shankar and Vairamuthu were also present therethat time. Some takes were done. Then , the entire lyrics were given, and hewas called after 2 days. *Unni says that Working with ARR has always been apleasure for him. he will give you a lot of freedom, but will not leave you,till he gets whatever he wanted. But encourages you till the end. A singerneeds a lot of encouragement and push. ARR never tells any singer that hissinging is not good; he only suggests and says that something could beimproved here and there. ARR always brings out the originality of the Singer* .
HIs Wife was initiallyupset, because she was into classical singing. She was afraid, that Unniwill lose classical touch in the long run. But once, when the song came out,h couldn;t believe himself, if it was him who had sung that song. He says "Unbelievable ambience and Effects in Panchatan". Getting a National Awardwas like a Thunderbolt for him. It was too much of a surprise for him. hewas in London at that time, when his sister-in-law called him up andconveyed that news.
he says that a mother sentiment arebrought very well in that song. ARR's mother used to like that song verymuch, and used to say that Unni sang very well in that song. It was a Raagabased song, with beuatiful guitar mixing, which was the right mode for thatsong. The words + tune made that song a great one.
::- Unni used to listen a lot of Hindustani songs, but didn;tlearn it, because he feels that Carnatic itself was highly demanding. Hewould like to learn it in future.*
Thodi, Charukesi . No song in Thodi Raagafor ARR. But in Malayalam devotional songs, he had sung in that raaga. ifsang flat, that raaga used to be similar to Sindhu Bhairavi.
He has sung more than 600 songs till date, but he felt badonce ( NOT WITH ARR ), while singing with another MD. The Lryics was notgood for the song. of course, he ahd no complaints against that MD even.When he told his wife that later, she started crying.
" *Hello Doctor " song from Kadhal desam.Initially, ARR wanted Unni to sing that song, but Unni felt that it wouldnot suit him, and subsequently, ARR sang that song
****GURUS* :
- lot of Gurus like Sri. V. L. Seshadri, Savithri, Saraswathi.Raihana tells us here that even ARR used to have lot of Gurus, like eachyear different one.
That was a totally different song. Themood was different. It had some bit of romance little later in that song.Singing with Sadhana Sargam was fantastic. His favourite has always beenHARIHARAN, as Hariharan does something with the turnings each time, hesings.
It was on his wedding Anniversary, when aparty was arranged at his home. ARR called Unni at 9 PM in the night. Unniwent immediately. Mani Sir was present. Bombay Jayashree was also present .Unni sang that song in Film style, while Bombay Jayashree was rendering itin Carnatic Style. Mani Sir wanted him to sing in Carnatic Style, and soUnni added some gamakams ( touchings ) . After 2 days, he finished thatsong.Raihana says that Unni needn;t have disturbed his wedding Anniversary, asthe song was anyway finished two days later ( Jokingly )*Education * Unni was a commerce Student. he was an average student. Mathswas his biggest tension always. So took Commerce, Accountancy. He used to gofor tuitions. he also did personnel Management and Law. Cricket was hisbiggest passion , and then came music.*
Wake Up at 5 : 30 AM. Do Yoga. Practice for 3 Hrs. Hesays that regular practice is needed for a Concert Singer. Right fromMarriage he has been singing . Nov 9 ( Date alone uttered by him )*
Nice Compostion. very Interesting ,Beautiful Tune. ARR just left that song entirely on Unni for him to do whatever he wanted.
In that there is a SecondsHarmony part, which Unni Says that he hasn;t sung . *ARR has transposed thatthrough his Instruments, His techniques. ( WOW ) . Unni says that ARR doesall this small small things wonderfully. On the Spot, ARR can compose. Hejust demonstrates how ARR does, for which Raihana just laughs.. " he willtake his Keyboard, and do something. The end product would be just awonderful, mesmersing song or tune ". Unni used to sing with ARR and seewhat he is doing . It seems before he could ask ARR , ARR is out, and wouldreturn after some time. *

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